GIVEBIG 2015!!!


You all are great.  We want to invite you to donate you to donate to All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP) / Southend Ultimate on Tuesday, May 5th for GiveBig! We want to raise $15,000 to support our programming and hire our first full time staff member by 2016, and we need your help to get there.

Your gift will go even further on May 5th with an 8% stretch from The Seattle Foundation. That’s 8 percent more than 0 percent! And – thanks to a generous community donor – the first $5,000 donated to AGE UP will be matched dollar for dollar! That’s a lot of math – the point is, your money goes further on May 5th. Period.

Some of our successes this year include: forming an official Board of Directors, hiring six program coordinators to run our cohorts, and 50 new young folks entering our girls and boys programs, with lots of laughter, tears and delicious food.

Impressive, right? Luckily for you, the best day of the year to support AGE UP is right around the corner!
Here’s how to do it:

  1. On Tuesday, May 5th, go to AGE UP’s page on the GiveBig website
  2. Click Donate, and give a gift of any size to support AGE UP / SUP.
  3. Share with your friends to spread the word (fb, twitter, leave a note on the receipt when you tip your server, tell your bus driver, yell about it).
  4. Celebrate yourself!!

Thank you in advance for your support!


Much love,
AGE UP & Southend Ultimate

First Year Girls at WWU!

Hey people, long time no blog! Gabby here to report some amazing things.

A few weekends ago (February 21st), we took our First Year Girls’ Program to Western Washington University to hang out on campus and practice with Chaos, Western’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

The day started bright and early at Jefferson Community Center where we rendezvoused and left by 8:15 AM. We then spent a great two hours traveling to Western with vans filled with singing and fun stories to hold us over. We got to the beautiful campus around 10 AM and immediately filed into a building for an admissions workshop led by Mr. Baker from the Admissions Office. He answered questions about the admissions process and gave us cool Western swag that a lot of our girls still wear (the convertible headband wrap thing was my personal favorite).

After the workshop, we traveled to downtown Bellingham for an hour lunch. We split up into groups and explored the many places to eat. Some of us got crepes, some got burgers, some got both. Either way, we were nice and full by the time lunch was over and headed back to campus around noon.

Once we got back on campus, we had the girls participate in our now annual photo scavenger hunt around campus. We devised a hilarious mission for the girls and split them into two groups to see which group could take the most pictures and earn the most points. Although both teams did very well and made the Leadership team double over in laughter a few times, the winning team has yet to be announced (but don’t worry, you will all know soon enough).

Following the scavenger hunt, the girls practiced with Chaos from 1-4 PM. They did cutting drills and although it was windy, rocked out and eventually ended the practice with some fun mini. It was great to see the girls and Chaos interact and it was obvious that both parties, well, had a party.

After a long, long day it was then time to hit the road and head back home. We said our goodbyes and traveled all the way back to Jefferson, arriving at about 6 PM. Sweaty, tired, and some hungry, we all made it safely and went our respective ways.

All in all, we had a great time and a huge shout out to Chaos and the Western Washington University Admissions Office for hosting us and showing us a great time! We learned a lot and look forward to seeing you again!

First Year Girls hangin' out at Western with Chaos.

First Year Girls hangin’ out at Western with Chaos.

Oh! And readers, keep an eye out for a recap blog post on our First Year Boys’ UW trip and their retreat! Lots goin’ on and we definitely want you to know about it! Woohoo!

Much love,



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Happy Holidays & Thanks Five Ultimate!

NkQQp61418886050 Happy Holidays from AGE UP! If you’re looking for a gift for someone special, we highly recommend a snazzy new AGE UP disc like the one above. Don’t have the time to track down one of your lovely AGE UP homies to sell you one? Well, that’s okay the awesome people at Five Ultimate sell them on their website! Click the disc below to get there! While you’re there make sure you check out ALL their awesome stuff for your frisbee loving friends.


Speaking of the wonderful people at 5 Ultimate. We’d like to take a couple moments to thank them for all of the great things they’ve done for us. Not only do they sell our discs on their website, but they also help us provide awesome quality gear for our participants. Over the years they’ve donated literal boxes of gear to AGE UP for us to give out at the many tournaments we run. Basically, Five is awesome and we appreciate them immensely and you should buy everything they have to sell. You can find out more about them and/or find some awesome ultimate apparel at


Guys AGE UP 2015 is here!

Yooooooo!!!!! What’s up wonderful people?! Are you interested in Ultimate? Are you interested in learning about Social Justice? If you answer yes to both then AGE UP is the program for you! Guys AGE UP is back for another year and we want you to come and join us! Here is the link to the application and it is due on December 17th. Word!

Youth Speaks & Springrolls! 11/05/14

Heyy its gmoneyfoshizzle (Gabby M) and the honay boobae (Kaitlyn S) in da hOUse!

Today Shelby taught us that youth speaks is a youth organization that helps takeout your innerself through poetry. We expressed ourselfs by writing our own poem to share out with our fello age SQUADDD.IMG_20141105_162133

We ate spring rolls with multiple sauces. It was very delicious and made by our very own age up staff.  Also Gabby (Balanon) surprisingly came in with starbucks to share with me and honay boobae.unnamed

Also some very exciting news is that SOME OF THE UNDERGROUND PLAYERS/COACHES are going to teach some underground moves lol if you know what I mean. Well gotta get back to playing Frisbee, till next time fello playas



Smack Talk is Whack

Today, we learned about back-stabbing and smack talking from our awesome returner Edmel. For example, we split into groups and created a skit, poem, or rap based on the topic that was given to us.


To demonstrate, Katie was asked to squeezed toothpaste, or Talkin’Smack Paste  from a tube and then she had to put all the toothpaste she squeezed back into the tube. Of course she couldn’t put all of it back! What does this mean? This activity symbolized that you should be careful of what you say, because you can’t take back what you say. As a result from these activities, we learned that once you talk smack you can never take it back, your words will always live in their mind. Lastly, we got to play some frisbee with Amanda Kostic as our guest Coach.


Signing out, Michael and Xuan! 🙂


Breakfast and Break Throws


Hey how’s it going?!  It’s Callie and Kim! Today at Age Up, we ate some French toast with A LOT of whipped cream and for toppings we had strawberries and blueberries (the blueberries were from Lynda’s grandma’s garden)!

photo 1

We played a lot of wild n’ out games like dictionary, so fly, and remix! Today we didn’t have a lesson so we spent the last 2 hours playing Frisbee with our awesome guest coach, Gwen Ambler!

It was just a really chill day with the Age Up squad J

Bye for now!

~Callie and Kim

Alfredo, Intersectionality and leadership team shenanigans


Another successful Age Up session today! Jude Watson (J J J JUDEEEEEE) came in the Jefferson building to explain more on the topic of racism and sexism feeding off the topic from last week’s session. We heard many different opinions on the topics from everyone. We all talked about different diversities in our communities and schools. From today we learned that Seattle has one of the largest populations of Caucasian in a metropolitan city thanks to Kido. We also learned that not many schools recognize the topic of racism and sexism in groups or clubs. We also had a great eat today thanks to Lynda and Gabby!!! Our meal contained Alfredo pasta with a side of yummy chicken and mushrooms. After our great educational session with the amazing Jude, we went to the gym to focus a lot on footwork – one of the many skills in becoming great ultimate Frisbee players. Our leadership team is a great group of people who really know how to turn up and get all of us girls pumped!

– Ashleen and Bonnie

(Here are some behind the scenes photos of the AGE UP leadership team!)


Soriya on a tiny pink tri-cycle


Kendra making a block gate for tot gym










Sam having a hard time with numbers (plz note 5,7,8)

Week Two = Privilege

photo (2)


Hello beautiful friends!!

Tonight was the second session for our first years. Caitlin Cordell (Brady) from the AGEUP leadership team led a workshop on privilege. After a delicious dinner of fried chicken and fried rice we were divided into five groups.

On a poster we wrote our definition of privilege. On the back of the posters we made pyramids. On the top we listed who we thought had the most privilege and the people who we thought had the least privilege at the bottom. After sharing our posters with the whole group Caitlin taught us that there’s no hierarchy of privilege.

We later told a partner of a time when we felt like we were in the minority, when we felt like we had less privilege. We checked out with what we learned and headed to the gym to play some ultimate. Caitlin facilitated and coached!! She’s just too fabulous for us, but we’re all fabulous so it’s all goooooood.

Love, Samantha