More Info On BearNinjaCowgirl!

The hat tourney will be costume themed! Of course, costumes are optional, but the person with the best costume gets a prize! There WILL be snacks available, but bring money to purchase goodies at our delicious bake sale and buy awesome jerseys!

Once again, the tourney will be at the Jefferson Turf field behind Mercer Middle School (1600 S. Columbian Way Seattle, WA 98108) from 10am to 5pm on October 12th. Admission is FREE and players must turn in their E13 form (link below) in order to play!

RSVP to the tournament on our facebook page for more information!

AGE-UP Returners Kick-Start a New Year

Welcome back, everyone. This past Wednesday, first years and second years alike combined for a returner’s meeting to brainstorm the annual BearNinjaCowgirl tournament and celebrate Lisa’s birthday. The meeting consisted of intense poster work, the formation of committees for the tournament, and cupcaking the birthday woman.

Wednesday was also our first session with our new big kids: Jude, our first full-time Americorps employee and Jena, a UW student working with AGE-UP. By request, we illustrated what AGE-UP meant to us:

Drawn by yours truly.

Correction: BearNinjaCowgirl Will Be at Jefferson Turf!

The tournament will still be on October 12th from 10am to 5pm. In the mean time, RSVP to the tourney on our facebook event page!

We’re Back!

As our third year of existence approaches, we’re hosting the third annual BearNinjaCowgirl hat tournament! All girls 7th-12th grade are invited and so are donations! The tournament will take place on October 12th at Jefferson Community Center from 10am to 5pm. The event is FREE and you don’t have to be part of AGE-UP to attend. Come out for a day of ultimate with the girls!

Age Up First Year Graduation

Hey everyone! My name is Gabby and I’m here to give a quick little recap of my experience as a graduating first year of Age Up.

We started the evening with an epic game of Boot outside on the Jefferson grass. First years, second years, coaches and parents alike all joined us and made the game one that had everyone panting and laughing all at the same time! It was incredible seeing my fellow friends’ and even coaches’ parents tossing a disc like it was no big deal – it was honestly such a fun time. The atmosphere was set during the first, hilariously good, point and it definitely carried through the whole event.

After a pretty exhausting session of ultimate, everyone was ushered into the Jefferson gym for a fabulous potluck dinner. There were so many dishes of food; pizza, salad, egg rolls, and more. Each and every dish that was brought in was absolutely delicious, too! Following everyone’s grab for food, the coaches introduced themselves and a slideshow was played on the screen set up near the front of the set up . The slideshow was really a sight to see – it captured many of our great memories, not all, but enough to pull a little at my heart strings and place a smile on my face. As my eyes sifted through each humorous face, each epic grab in the air, each genuine high five, I was reminded of how much I value this program and the people in it. The slideshow certainly was one of my personal highlights of the night.

Right after the touching slideshow, the awards ceremony took place. Certificates were passed out to each individual first year with personal words from coaches. Each first year got their own cool, unique jersey as well! This part of the graduation definitely emphasized the growth and development of all of us first years because as each person went up to claim their certificate and jersey, the thoughtful words said by each coach plastered a huge smile on my face and I then realized how far we all had come as a group, and how far we all have the potential of going.

Ending the evening with a fantastic bunch of girls, dedicated coaches, and of course supportive parents was something that I enjoyed incredibly. Graduation may have been quite bittersweet, seeing as it was the “official” end of the sessions and clinics for this year, but now I’m more than happy and anticipatory for the next year and sessions to come!

Recap: The Southend Ultimate Tournament

Good day, my kind bloggers! Today, I will inform you about the great Southend tournament that all of you missed – maybe. The purpose of the tournament was to bring all the Southend schools together to raise awareness of the overwhelming progress of ultimate in the Southend. Various AGE-UP members and southend youth ultimate players had joined together to organize the tournament.

I missed the beginning, but when I arrived, around a hundred-forty players and spectators were present. Prior to my arrival, everyone had divided up into 6 co-ed teams. High schoolers took charge and captained their teams. However, only 2 high schoolers were allowed to play at a time – phooey. I was on team #5.

Before lunch, players gathered in Jefferson community center’s gym to listen to Southend ultimate representatives present. Arianne and Tugade went up first to introduce and explain the reason for the tournament. Up next were Paolo and Renan, who spoke about the surveys that Sam helped them with last year. Dennis, Miko, and Miguel spoke about the current state of ultimate. When Dennis asked, “How many of you guys were/are coached by high schoolers?”, half of the youth players raised their hands up. Dennis then commented, “I believe that we high schoolers should back off when it comes to coaching middle schools, because they need more experience with real coaches.” Jhanelle, Kendra, and Tiffany presented about AGE UP’s progress and current state. Henry Phan, who in my opinion had the most inspirational speech, rallied the audience to succeed with their ambitions.

After, we had to complete a survey by reading posters that the speakers had put up. The posters had ways to help Southend Ultimate become better and required that we put an orange sticker up to the one we agreed most with. Personally, I chose the “better transportation” option on of the posters because I live way out on Beacon Hill, and it usually takes forever for me to get to games.

Finally, LUNCH. We had pizza, but due to all the people there, two slices were permitted per person. Though, can you keep a secret? Some of us had the spaghetti that someone had brought and no one else noticed, mwhahaha! During that time, we all got to get a break from the running and just hang out. It was fun to just chill.

Once all the food was digested, we played in single-gender teams. The girls had to hike up to Jefferson due to the limited space on the Mercer turf. We were serious for the first part and played by dividing into 4 different teams – dark and white. Towards the end, we played shtick. It was FUUUN! HIGHLIGHT OF THE GAME: I threw it deep several times to Hue and the last time I threw it Hue caught it! YAY, and tossed it into the square. Making the score 1-0. We won, yes.

After a nice game of Shtick, the girls hiked all the way back to Mercer’s turf to hear the closing ceremony. There, we had closing remarks and the high school captains acknowledged a player on each single gender team, who got to choose a prize.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry, Leah Fury forced me into writing this and I didn’t really pay attention to everything because I’m such a knucklehead. I was too focused on lunch because I was a hungry little hippo, too. Leah knows about this little message too.

2nd Years Reunite For A Meeting

Hey bloggers, long time no talk! I’m here today to fill you in on our Tuesday meeting with the 2nd years! When we first arrived there everyone was just chilling and watching videos as others slowly filled in for the meeting. Boy, were we hungry! We drank some milk & ate some grilled cheese sandwiches; some just had sandwiches and other condiments – mmm! As we ate, we filled each other in with what was going on with our lives, but once we were done with that we got down to business. We talked about a fundraiser we were thinking of doing – stay tuned by the way about that!

We 2nd years were also talking about what AGE UP spring sessions would be like; visiting less schools but going there multiple times to teach the children wanting to know about Ultimate Frisbee. That way we can grow a bigger bond with the kids and have an even bigger impact on them. As 2nd years, we’re excited to be able to get even younger kids than us to start loving Ultimate Frisbee!
Once we were done with the serious business; charades! It was a hoot; everyone was on the floor laughing as we were watching the acts we had about each other! For example, how certain people played Frisbee, their own “catch phrase,” and their facial expressions – if you know what I’m saying, aha.

To close off on a successful and odd meeting for us 2nd years, we had a “What We Were Looking Forward to on Wednesday” check out.

AGE-UP Retreat: Day One

On Saturday morning, we all met up at Jefferson Community Center and tossed our baggage in the middle of the room. While waiting for our peers to arrive, we sat in cushy chairs and discussed the upcoming spring season.

Shortly after, we piled into vans and carpooled to Delridge Park to practice. Welcomed by overcast skies and bone-chilling winds, we warmed up with two laps around the turf field and extra gritty plyos. Our second-years, Miyo and Tiffany facilitated our practice and had us participate in dishy and huck drills. We spent the morning cheering each other on and secretly cursing the wind, which wreaked havoc on our throws. Look how cloudy it was!

For lunch, we made our own sandwiches and munched on chips. A few of us (me) did both at the same time (not pictured, unfortunately). Also, the weather cleared up!

After, we divided into mini teams led by a coach and a second-year and tore each other apart. Though no clear team was the winner, we divided once more to play galaxy wars.

With practice done, we headed to Camp Long, where Miyo, Kendra, and Tiffany led us through an activity where we were given prompts involving aspects of coaching and performed skits relating to them. We then played “life and death in the forest” with Shannon and Alyssa while Team Top Chef and others made lasagna for dinner.

After dinner, we filled out winter session evaluations, acted out tableaus, and circled up to share appreciations. The catch? As each person shared what they appreciated about AGE-UP, they looped a bit of yarn around their wrist and threw the yarn ball to another person.

Eventually we were all connected!

After cutting the yarn (to make sick bracelets), we stayed in our circle and went around showing off our secret talents. Rest assured, AGE-UP has SO much talent.

Approaching bed time, we dispersed to our cabins and got ready for bed.

As for my cabin, we decided to go around scaring the other cabins. Unfortunately, on our way to Cabin Two, Sam caught us sneaking in the dark… but he approved so we went ahead and threw pine cones at Cabin Two. We didn’t scare them.

We moved on to scare Cabin One by screaming in front of their windows. Successful, we giggled and ran away.

Knowing they would probably try to scare us in the morning, we eased ourselves to sleep and got ready for day two.

Outreach Group Gets The Gears Going

Hi, all. As you know, the retreat is tomorrow! In retribution for the last two weeks of inactivity on the blog, I decided to crash the outreach group’s session and disclose everything they’re doing in preparation for the retreat.


Regardless of what we don’t know (yet), these girls put in work. They spent countless hours planning and preparing for the clinic portions of the retreat. Doesn’t that sound tedious? Boring? Nope!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happened because you’ll find out first-hand tomorrow! But… be wary of chairs and Tiffany.


Field Trip to Western Info

Hey all –
We are taking an awesome field trip to Western Washington University in Bellingham this coming Saturday, January 21st.

In order to come with you need to turn in the permission slip and Jefferson waiver, both signed by your parent/guardian, by this Friday January 20th. Both forms are here as pdf’s for you to download and print if you’re able.

Let us know if you have questions about the field trip. We hope you can all make it!
Western Field Trip Permission Slip
Jefferson CC Waiver